About the Film

” If you believe in something, stand up and fight!” – Sanders Chase

Analog Man is a portrait of Sanders Chase, the owner of The Record Collector, in Los Angeles, California. Sanders , 73, is on a mission to save the world from digital music. With his feet firmly planted in the pre-CD days, Sanders proselytizes’ to anyone who will listen about the importance of analog music, its history and how preserving it is as sacred as life itself. He rejects modern technology in all its forms and has a particular disdain for millennials who he believes have a ‘selfie concept of how the world works.’ Hated online, with dozens of 1 star reviews on Yelp., he definitely leaves an impression, with potential customers calling him everything from a bigot and rude to fat.

With his only employee Henry, Chase manages an archive of a half a million records. With an encyclopedic knowledge of music and a massive ego, Chase has become equally infamous for his collection and pissing people off.